Rwanda in its economic and development and poverty reduction strategy EDPR 2013-2018, has putted on its forefront, job creation on its pillar number (4). The job creation mentioned in this document goes with career counselling, where the EDPRS II is very clear on the role to be played by each stakeholder (public, civil society and the private sector) to develop the career counselling to help youth job creation in all faced of the Rwandan economy.
Despite call made by the government of Rwanda under the EDPRSII, many partners and stakeholders in the field doesn’t still understand what career counselling development is.
It is in this regards that YES RWANDA as an experienced organization in the field , especially dealing with youth, is delighted to offer or share its courses and module in career counselling development with whom might be in need of it.
The training
The UPHLS in collaboration with Youth Employment System/Rwanda (YES Rwanda) have organised a five days training of the partners in implementation of the EmployAble Program. Ten participants to the training are from the following Institutions/DPOs :
GS ADB/Nyarutarama, VTC Bon Pasteur, VTC Makines, Troupe Handicapée Twuzuzanye (THT), Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD), Rwanda Union of the Blind ( RUB), Collectif Tubakunde, National Organization of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Rwanda (NOUSPR) and National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).

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Objectives of the trainings
Why we do provide career counselling development to our partners ?
We do this in order to help people with :
• Helping students with disabilities to have the ability and opportunity to make career choices for their lives ;
• Providing people opportunities and choices should be available for all people, regardless of sex, socio-economic class, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, or cultural background ;
• People especially students with disabilities involved in a wide range of work roles across their lifespan. These roles include both paid and unpaid work ;
• Career counselors assist people to explore, pursue and attain their career goals
In general, the trained counselors will be able to prepare (all) formal students for job market (life skill training, CV writing, interviews) and Entrepreneurship training for (all) non-formal students – Facilitate internship.
Certificates award
A training certificate gives official recognition to the full completion of the training session.

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