On 3th December 2014, as in other Districts of Rwanda, Kamonyi celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day aims to "promote an understanding of disability issues, the rights of persons with disabilities, improving the access to social, health, economic and cultural life of their communities.
The annual theme for the year 2014 is “The promise of technology for achieving disability-inclusive sustainable development goals”.
UPHLS as the partner of Kamonyi District participated in this event.
The event was celebrated in Gacurabwenge Sector, where around 450 persons participated including persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities participated.

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Participants have been tested Voluntary of HIV

There were also the local authorities from cell level to district level and committees of NCPD from Cell to district and the coordinator of NCPD at provincial level and other organizations working closely with persons with disabilities.
During the day a number of activities have been done including seat ball macth, visit of activities of a PWD which were interesting in Gacurabwenge sector.

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Team of seat ball of KAMONYI District

Different speeches have been pronounced by the representatives of NCPD/Kamonyi District ; the coordinator of NCPD in Southern province and the speech of Executif Secretary of Gacurabwenge who was representing the Mayor of Kamonyi district and all speeches focused on the improvement of welfare for Persons with Disabilities.

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Speech of a representative of Kamonyi District in IDPD

UPHLS Peer Educator in Kamonyi gave a poem on the role of UPHLS in capacity building of its members in the HIV&AIDS prevention and health in general and creating the awareness on rights of persons with disabilities among PWDs groups.
During the celebration of IDPD, UPHLS exhibited different tools used in HIV prevention among persons with disabilities (these include different books ; DVD ; leaflets and posters) and the compilation of national legal framework on the rights of persons with disabilities.