IDPD 2014

2014-12-05 03:31:08 in: News and Press Releases

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IDPD 2014 in KICUKIRO District

The United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons was held from 1983 to 1992 to enable governments and organizations to implement measures to improve the life of disabled persons all over the world. On October 14, 1992, as this decade drew to a close, the UN General Assembly proclaimed December 3 as the International Day of people with disabilities.
In partnership with United Nations democracy fund (UNDEF) ; UPHLS and its members celebrated the international days of persons with disability in Kicukiro district, in Nyarugunga Sector with the theme “ The promise of technology for achieving disability-inclusive sustainable development goal ” where more than three hundred people were together to celebrate the International Day of Person with disabilities.
The invitee of honor in their speech was talking about the theme of that day and the advantage of PWDS in the technology.
Invites enjoyed theatre performed by THT and had time to wish each the New Year greeting with some dance songs sung by Heroes band.

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Heroes band perfomance
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THT Perfomers