On 27th November 2014, Umbrella of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in the fighting against HIV&AIDS and Health Promotion (UPHLS) participated in the exhibition organized by Huye District.

This exhibition is one of activities that are planned by Huye District during Disability week starting on 24 November to 8th December 2014 in the preparation of celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities that will be celebrated on 3th December. The most exhibitors were the groups of persons with disabilities, rehabilitation centres and the partners working closely with the groups of persons with disabilities.
The exhibition was officially launched by the State Minister in the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) Dr. Mukabaramba. In his opening remarks, she expressed her gratitude to different partners for having joined Government’s efforts in supporting vulnerable and mostly people with disability as a solution to transform their lives and enable them to live on their own capability. She appreciated the groups of PWDs who exhibited there routine work products especially those who exhibited the handcrafts products.

During this event, UPHLS exhibited different IEC tools used in HIV&AIDS prevention and they are adapted to Persons with disabilities. It was the occasion to provide the information on HIV&AIDS to persons with disabilities who were in the exhibition and the population in general. We also provided the information on the rights of persons with disabilities.