On the 19-20 November 2014, the UPHLS conducted training on leadership, governance and UNCRPD. The training on leadership, governance and UNCRPD is targeting PWD’s group’s leaders. With the project goal and objective which is :”Empowering people with disabilities in Rwanda by improving their access to health and social services”, PWDs group leaders have been targeted to reinforce the capacity of Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs) / self-help groups by empowering them to strengthen their organizational capacity, improving their internal systems, structures, planning, decision-making processes, communication, lobbying and advocacy.

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Participants of the training

The main objectives of the workshop training are:to strengthen and sustain DPOs through the empowerment of group leaders (PWDs) in the management of their grass root associations in areas of leadership and good governance, and to equip PWDs with necessary tools / rights to support their advocacy interventions through the empowerment of PWDs group leaders on the United Nations Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

During the training, one of the participants, called NKUNDIMANA Etienne born in 1969, president of Cooperative BAHAKABANDO, from Eastern Province, Ngoma District, Mugesera Sector, Kabungo cell, Agakindo village, gave a testimony on his cooperative improving due to the last training organized by UPHLS for PWDs groups. Cooperative BAHAKABANDO was founded on 5th August 2011 with the objective of pineapple, maize, sorghum and beans growing. They were not well organized and they were not well structured but after the training of PWDs group on cooperatives management, they have started to work properly and today they are on the level of paying their health insurance without problems and they sell their pineapple to INYANGE industries. They have bought their own fields of 5 hectares. He appreciated the role of UPHLS in trainings and other support it always give to PWDs and in HIV prevention.

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