The two day training was a participatory in sense that every group leader shared learning on challenges they are facing inspite of rights protecting them which are not well known at grass roots level and how they run and manage they associations. The UNDEF-appointed observer, Miss Eugenie Musabyeyezu, spent two days monitoring the event, taking notes and photos, and was given project materials.

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Miss Eugenie Musabyeyezu(UNDP-Rwanda),UPHLS Executive Director (KARANGWA Francois Xavier )& UPHLS/UNDEF project coordinator(Eric Mwanje) at Kabgayi training center.

From 17-18th November, UPHLS conducted the training of PWDs groups’ representatives on leadership, governance and UNCRPD under the sponsorship of UNDEF in the project of Improving the Access to Social Services for Persons with Disabilities in Rwanda.

The main objectives of this training included :
-  To equip Persons with Disabilities with necessary tools / rights to support their advocacy interventions through the empowerment of group leaders on the United Nations Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
-  To strengthen and sustain initiatives of persons with disabilities through the empowerment of group leaders in the management of their grass root associations in areas of leadership and good governance.

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Group photo with all participants, trainers and UNDP representative

The training was attended by 30 PWDs groups’ representatives coming from Southern and Western Provinces where each District is represented by 2 persons from different groups. This training was aiming at strengthening the capacity of PWDs group’s leaders in leadership and governance for the management of their cooperatives and awareness creation on UNCRPD. The participants are trained on the following topics : presentation on of the UNDEF project, UNCRPD and National Legal framework on disability, leadership and governance.
PWDs groups’ representatives were encouraged to be involved in the project implementation like in sport events and drama and the participants show there interest.
As a concern, the participants said that the non-disabled people are not interested in the events organized by disabled people. The participants also asked UPHLS to organize the training on the UNCRPD and National Legal Framework on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to the local authorities and other groups of persons with disabilities for awareness creation because they need more advocacies on the implementation of UNCRPD and national legal framework on the rights of persons with disabilities.