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Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl was established in 2005 with support from Handicap International (hereafter HI), who supported establishment of parents groups in its geographical project areas and gave support to two project officers dealing with inclusive education and epilepsy. Today Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl has 45 member associations where their focus is primarily on service provision. In 2008 Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl received substantial funding from HI in the project PEPFAR/HIV-AIDS to address the special needs of PWID in relation to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care. The funding from HI made it possible to set up a secretariat and employ an Executive Secretary and an accountant. At that time a Volunteer Service Overseas (hereafter VSO) volunteer was seconding the secretariat.
In 2009 Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl got a new partner from Belgium, PHOS (Platform for Disability and Development Cooperation) who has given support to a newsletter and to implement a pilot Community Based on Rehabilitation (hereafter CBR) project in Kamonyi District. The project has developed a “Best Practice” manual on how parent’s best can support their children with intellectual disabilities. The manual has been distributed to all Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl 45 member associations.
Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl has a partnership with the Lillian Foundation on specialized support to individual children and youth with intellectual disabilities. The support has resulted in that Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl member organizations can give support to parents of PWID. The organization is represented at a ministerial taskforce together with VSO, HI, UNICEF and ADRA on inclusive education established by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). The main focus of the taskforce has been the challenges in training of teachers in inclusive education.
Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl has played an important role in the establishment of the disability civil society umbrella NUDOR (National Union of Disability Organizations) in 2010, where Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl’s chairperson is the treasurer. Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl was represented in the government umbrella organization FENAPH which was dissolved in 2011 and replaced by a National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).
Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl employs 5 persons including 1 volunteer from VSO and is currently implementing 3 projects : Inclusive Education with Handicap International, Capacity building with FUB / SHIA (Sweden) and New deal - parents for active advocacy with LEV (Denmark) The office is located at Kacyiru in MINALOC building
All forms of discrimination toward children and youth with intellectual disability in Rwanda are eradicated.
To advocate for the promotion of legal, political and social status of children /youth with intellectual disability and sustain capacity building of parents and members organizations.
Child protection
Social accountability