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NOUSPR-UBUMUNTU is an organization that advocates for and with people with psychosocial disabilities, it serves as platform for them to raise their voice to demand for services and rights that other citizens get. People with psychosocial Disabilities have, since time immemorial been faced with various challenges of being un heard, feared, misconceived as violent, evil possessed, dangerous, harmful and non-productive.
NOUSPR’s vision is : A world in which all people with psychosocial disabilities are treated with the respect and dignity that enables them to enjoy their human rights in all aspects of their lives.
NOUSPR’s mission is : To advocate for and with people with psychosocial disability and to provide a platform for a unified and empowered voice that is able to achieve the provision of necessary services and opportunities and to have their interests and human rights fully promoted and protected
1. Improved mental health care in Rwanda
2. Improved livelihood of People with mental disability and people with psychosocial disabilities
3. Capacity building of people with mental disability and their families to ensure effective contribution to their welfare
4. Stigma and negative community attitudes on mental illness reduced
5. Influence the formulation of policies, laws and legislation in favour of people with psychosocial disability
NOUSPR is aware that negative attitudes towards people with psychosocial disabilities is a justification to why they face stigma, isolation, why they are chained, exploited, subjected to all kinds of injustices by their own people.
For the last five years NOUSPR have been organizing people with psychosocial disabilities in local groups that can protect their rights and help them to identify activities and projects which can improve on their livelihood. Through their own voice, with the support of VSO and OSF awareness raising and advocacy of NOUSPR activities have run through the country and a number of people with psychosocial disabilities have been able to talk on public holidays, Radios, print media for the change of mindset of the society and creation of friendly environment for all. NOUSPR identified a kite as a symbol of ‘’ raised hopes and dreams….’’ like a kite goes up the sky away and further in any direction but stay connected to its ground by the string that holds it so is a person with mental health challenges living in a community that appreciates human values and is accountable to each other’’. NOUSPR members have been using the kite in big public days to campaign against stigma and discrimination done to the people with psychosocial disabilities. Members are still faced with discriminatory laws, rules and practices of which contributes to their inaccessibility of services and rights that other citizens get. we work to challenge and change the situation.