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The Rwanda Union of the Blind was established in 1994 and officially
registered with the Rwanda Ministry of Justice in 1995. It is the only
national organization of the Blind in Rwanda having membership in all
provinces and the city of Kigali and well established branches in 26
districts out of 30 and established around 50 local RUB branches. RUB
experiences some very serious challenges such as the enormity of work
in the field of Blindness since there are no other actors. There is
very low education level and extreme poverty among Blind people. This
is further exacerbated by prevailing social stigmas and cultural
The Rwanda Union of the Blind is a member of the AFUB and WBU and is
also partners with the Danish Association of the Blind (DAB). RUB is a
strong and well known organisation in Rwanda and internationally with
a long experience of partnership cooperation within project
development and implementation.
RUB’s Vision
A situation where Blind People access all rights as all other
citizens, receive rehabilitation and education and can be employed as
all other citizen
RUB’s Mission
To work towards the improvement of the situation of Blind People
through education and rehabilitation to facilitate meaningful equality
and integration
RUB’S Objectives
Bring together Blind people in a national organization to promote
their fundamental rights ;
Raise awareness on needs, potentials and aspirations of Persons with
visual impairment in Rwanda ;
Promote education and rehabilitation of Persons with visual impairment
through dialogue with the government and other partners in
development ;
Seek support to provide services for Persons with visual impairment ;
Promote prevention of Blindness through dialogue with relevant authorities ;
Promote the inclusion of Persons with visual impairment in sport and
cultural activities ;
Core Values
Solidarity, Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, Responsibility, Justice
and Equity, Perseverance and tolerance, Proactively, Gender specific