In collaboration with its Partners UPHLS is launched the EmployAbleproject : Developing inclusion competency based on education practice in Rwanda”
Yesterday on 7 August 2014, UPHLS officially launched a new Project entitled EmployAble. The project aims which sponsor by Learn for Work through our Dutch partner Light for the World aims at “Developing inclusion competency based on education practice in Rwanda”. The event was attended by partners and authorities from Workforce Development Authorities, National Council of persons with Disabilities, Handicap international, Voluntary Services Overseas, employing companies and TVET institutes.

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Launching of EmployAble project

After a well come remarks given by UPHLS Legal Representative Mr NIYOMUGABO Romalis, and the explanations to the project given by its Project Officer Mr Bruno SHYIRAMBERE , Participants debate on the project , give theirs comments and observation finally asking the questions regarding the project.
Officially this project was launched by the executive Secretary of NCPD Mr NDAYISABA Emmanuel who was the Guest of Honor in this event .

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Launching of EmployAble project

Project goal :
The goal of this project is “to foster inclusive practice both in TVETs and employment in Rwanda” by Assessing and improving accessibility for inclusive education ; supporting YWDs to join TVETs, supporting employers in inclusive workplace policies and practices and using good practices and lessons learnt.

Project strategy :
• Partnership around inclusive competency- based TVET ;
• Partner with TVET as model institutes for this pilot and action learning trajectory ;
• Assess and improve accessibility and capacities inclusive education ;
• Identify and support 200 YWDs ;
• Support employers in inclusive workplace policies and practices ;
• Use practices and lessons learnt