22 nurses and social workers from 22 health facilities in Kigali City participated in one day training on sign language used in HIV&AIDS and sexual and reproductive health today on 14 July 2014. This training jointly organised by Umbrella of person with disabilities in the fight against HIV&AIDS (UPHLS), the Rwanda Union of the Deaf (RNUD) and Rwanda biomedical center (RBC) under the sponsorship of join United programme on HIV&AIDS (UNAIDS). The training marks the closure of 3 month project entitled “Improving access to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS information for Deaf communities in Rwanda”.

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Health practitioners in training

Persons with hearing impairments face challenges when it comes to utilization of health services and HIV&AIDS services in particular due to barriers in communication linked to limited skills and knowledge in sign language and deaf culture. The project aims a developing a pilot model which will be scaled up by various partners in HIV&AIDS and sexual and reproductive health

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Health practitioners in training
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Trainers from Rwanda Union of the Deaf (RNUD)

In the closing remarks, Mbituyimana Aimable who represents the Rwanda Biomedical Center Institute of HIV &AIDS, Disease Prevention and Control Division, reaffirms the commitment of Rwandan Government to make health services inclusive and disability friendly

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