2014-03-30 14:54:25 in: News and Press Releases

UPHLS has launched a new project "Improving the access to social services for people with disabilities in Rwanda", funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund.

Umbrella of Persons with Disabilities in the Fight against HIV&AIDS and Promotion of Community Health“(UPHLS) in partnership with UNDEF lunched Empowering Persons with disabilities in Rwanda project where Implementing Partner(s) will be Disabled people organizations (DPOs).
This is a two year project covering the whole country. The project kicks off first April 2014 and it aims at empowering people with disabilities in Rwanda addressing the following key areas of need for people with disabilities : access to health services ; inclusion into social services ; and improving the legal and institutional framework enabling PWDs to fully participate into community live & create an inclusive and supportive environment by increasing the awareness of rights and participation of PWDs in community life in Rwanda.
Project objective
Contributing to the well-being and social inclusion of PWDs into National development programs that include the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) and delivery mechanisms of government and other development actors leading to positive impact at grassroots level.
Expected outcomes
1. The accessibility to health and social services of PWDs is demonstrating a positive impact at community level.
2. Inclusive health policy framework for people with disabilities
3. The advocacy to fight against stigma is increased so that PWDs may participate into community life.

  • Handicap International (HI)
  • Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB)
  • Voluntary services Overseas (VSO)-Rwanda
  • General Association of Persons with Disabilities (AGHR)
  • Ministry of Health (MINISANTE)
  • Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD)
  • National Union of Disabilities Organisation Of Rwanda-NUDOR
  • Grassroot organisation of persons with disabilities