2013 World AIDS Day CAMPAIGN in Rwanda

"The Role of Leaders in the HIV Response in Rwanda"

1st December, 2013 – 30th March, 2014

In Rwanda, according to the latest data, HIV prevalence in adult population aged from 15-49 years is 3% estimated at 206,000 PLHIV, among them 50,000 don’t know that they are HIV positive and/or they never contacted health facilities for HIV services. Among women, HIV prevalence rate is 3.7 %, while among men the prevalence rate is 2.2 % ; Again HIV prevalence in urban areas is more than three times higher than that of rural areas : 7% versus 2%. The City of Kigali has the highest HIV prevalence 7,3%, which is more than twice as high as that of the other provinces (2 % to 3 %) ; the overall HIV prevalence is 1%among youth age of 15-24, and this prevalence is five time higher among young girls than their boys counterpart.

Rwanda has made significant progress in the fight against AIDS, and the rate of new infections has declined by 50%, AIDS related deaths by 83% in the last decade and more than 90% of PLHVIH in need of ART are receiving it.

Rwanda has been hailed as a country which has made significant advances in the HIV response in developing countries ; where almost every person living with HIV/AIDS has easy access to ART services and there is wide-spread coverage by health facilities in the country offering HIV-related services.
With UPHLS the theme of this year is “The Role of leaders in Disability inclusive HIV response in Rwanda”
The event was started at 9:00AM by a march from Parliament of Rwanda initiated by The President of Senate himself. The march was end at Petit Stade where speeches, entertainment with top ones musicians in Rwanda , VCT and exhibition until 12:00AM closed by State Minister (MoH).

The same day HIV National Strategic Plan 2013-2018 was launched officially by Hon state Minister Anita ASIIMWE .
It was a good opportunity for UPHLS to show different tolls used by PWDs for behavior change communication and to exhibit their activities as well as distribute the condoms to the participants of this event .

UPHLS stand in 2013 World AIDS Day CAMPAIGN in Rwanda

Executive Director of UPHLS KARANGWA François Xavier and Dr NSANZIMANA Sabin from RBC

UPHLS exhibition

UPHLS exhibition