The annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3 in 1992. It aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development, and to increase awareness of on the situation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

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IDPD 2017

As an Umbrella of Organizations of persons with disabilities in the fight against HIV&AIDS and for health promotion, UPHLS participated in the related to the International Day of Disabilities. On 3rd December 2017 UPHLS joined different districts to celebrate the IDPD while at National level we were at Kayonza District, Gahini sector where we organized mobile VCT for PWDs who participated in the event. In total 133 persons were tested for HIV. UPHLS also organized exhibition where we presented our interventions to the public in the area of HIV and health promotion.

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Mobile VCT for PWDs