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The Mayor of Gatsibo Mr. Richard GASANA and the Acting country Director o f CDC Dr. Christina MWANGI

Under the technical and financial support of CDC under PEPFAR funding UPHLS and its partners official launched inclusive model health center in the provision of disability friendly and HIV/AIDS services in Kabarore health center.

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official launch of inclusive model health center

The project Local nongovernmental partnerships for Sustained Country Leadership in Rwanda upgraded five health center in all 4 provinces and the Kigali city namely Kinyinya health center in Gasabo, Kabarore health center in Gatsibo, Nemba health center in Gakenke, Gatagara health center in Nyanza and Rubengera Health center in Karongi to ease accessibility for persons with disabilities.

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Explanation on special needs of persons with disability by Kabarore health professionals

At every health center ramps and tactile walkways for the Blind were installed ; accessible parking lots and wheelchair accessible toilets were constructed as well as signage for easy orientation around the health center. Health professionals at those health center have been trained on special needs of persons disabilities, basic sign language and mobility & orientation for the Blind, etc....

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The Executive Director of UPHLS Mr KARANGWA Francois Xavier
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Population of Kabarore in the Launch of the health center