On 6th September 2016, UPHLS in collaboration with NOUSPR under the project “Local Nongovernmental Partnerships for Sustained Country Leadership in Rwanda” supported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) conducted an advocacy event with local authorities in Eastern Province, Gatsibo District in Kabarore model Health Center.

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Advocacy day in Kabarore District

During this event the guest of honor was Mme. BYUKUSENGE Madeleine the Director of good governance in Eastern Province who was representing the Governer.
The main activities done during the event are the following :

  • Guided tour to the health centre where the envitees visited different activities done including accessible walk ways, accessible parking for PWDs, ramps, accessible toilets. And during the tour the participants visited the the ARV service to see how service providers serve the PWDs without any limitation,
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    Inauguration of upgraded health center
  • Different testimonies have been shared by PWDs who were not able to use the health center services before as they were not accessible for them but to day they are using the health center services easily as they were adapted. The head of health center gave the testimonies on how it was difficult to access the health services for persons with disabilities particularly HIV and AIDS services as they are in first floor and to get there you have to use the stairs but to day as there are the ramps, trained staff and other facilities in place PWDs are using the health center services easily.
  • Exhibition of adapted IEC tools
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    Exhibition of IEC tools

In different speeches addressed during the events, the speakers appreciated the work done by UPHLS and promised the will of government to continue to advocate for such initiative in other health facilities.

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Mme. BYUKUSENGE Madeleine the Director of good governance in Eastern Province

In her speech, Mme. BYUKUSENGE Madeleine who was representing the Governor of the Eastern Province appreciated the work done by UPHLS as response for the PWDs to utilize the health services delivered in Kabarore Health Center. She recalled the background of disabled people in Rwanda where she showed how PWDs were discriminated and marginalized where she
gave the example of some families who used to hide their family members because they are disabled but she showed the political will to promote human rights where people are treat equally without distinction of any kind. For her there are still barriers that need to be removed in order to have disability friendly services. She concluded her speech by showing that where there is will all things are possible.