December 3 is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992 that aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Each year the day is celebrated with a special theme. In 2015 the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is theme “Inclusive matters : Access and empowerment for people of all abilities” With the partnership if UNDEF, UPHLS also celebrate it in three different district of Rwanda.
As usual, UPHLS celebrated this event together with World AIDS Day (WAD) which is normally celebrated on 1 December each year ; the national theme for WAD 2015 “it’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent, treat HIV among our children and adolescents”.
The main objective
-  Awareness raising and prevention message
-  Voluntary Counseling and Testing
-  Advocacy for eradication of stigma and discrimination within communities ;
-  Behavior Change Communication ;
-  Action to change harmful cultural practices ;
-  Access to safe means of protection (Condoms for example).

IDPD Musanze district

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IDPD 2015

Nationally, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated at Ubworoherane Stadium in Musanze District, Northern Province and the guest of honor was the State Minister in MINALOC.

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Heroes band in IDPD Musanze
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State Minister in MINALOC in UPHLS stand

During IDPD celebration in Musanze, UPHLS exhibited different tools (adapted to PWDs) used in HIV prevention among persons with disabilities. We also conducted mobile VCT where 52 persons were tested for HIV and all of them got their test results the same day. During the event 1172 condoms were distributed.

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VCT in IDPD Musanze 2015

IDPD Gicumbi district

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In Gicumbi IDPD started with a sit ball tournament where team from Gakenke, Musanze, Gicumbi and Burera District participated

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Sitball tournament in Gicumbi
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Sitball tournament in Gicumbi

The winning team were Gakenke in Men Sitball and Gicumbi in Girl Sitball

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Gicumbi sitball team
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Gakenke Sitball team

After the tournament, UPHLS provided the message on HIV and AIDS prevention and at that time in collaboration with Gicumbi health centre we conducted mobile VCT where 100 persons have been tested for HIV.

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VCT in IDPD Gicumbi

In his speech the vice Mayor of Gicumbi ask to care about people with mental disabilities

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The Vice mayor and Gicumbi sitball team

IDPD at Nyaruguru District
UPHLS in collaboration with NCPD in Nyaruguru District celebrated the IDPD and the World AIDS Day .In this regards, UPHLS organized mobile VCT for the persons who participated in the event and needed to be tested voluntarily.

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IDPD Nyaruguru

The activities of UPHLS were conducted simultaneously with the activities of IDPD. So the main activities done to the event include : mobile VCT, exhibition of IEC materials and video show on the message on HIV&AIDS.

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UPHLS Exhibition in Nyaruguru district during IDPD 2015