Goal ball tournament of 29/11/2015
With the sponsorship of UNDEF the umbrella of organization of person with disability in the figth against HIV &AIDS in partnership with NCPD, NPC, NBSA organized a goal ball tournament with created team of district Huye, Kirehe, Nyamasheke, Burera and Kibuye

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Goalball tournament
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Goalball tournament
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Goalball tournament

The Tournament started with speech of the Executive Director of UPHLS explaining the purpose of inclusive sport event.

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Goalball tournament

After his speech the tournament started with the district of kibuye vs nyamasheke
The tournament finished with the victory of Huye District after final game with the district of Kirehe
After granting tournament cup to the winner (HUYE Team), Hon. Rwaka Pierre Claver said that these sports help to be close to someone emotionally and he thanked people and organization that prepared the tournament.

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Hon. Rwaka Pierre Claver

Finally he encouraged District offices to support sports activities specifically sports for people with disabilities so that they can participate themselves and move from withdraw oneself because of emotional hurt.

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Winning team Huye District