What we do

1. Promote the upgrading of health centers in all Districts of Rwanda, through multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve Inclusive and accessible health services for all PWDs. Exchange of experiences and joint advocacy are key. Automatic word wrap
2. Advocate for inclusive health sector policies in collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders, and support implementation of these policies at districts and community levels.

Develop a specialized and demand-driven center on Disability and HIV&AIDS to (further) build up and disseminate disability-specific and disaggregated information on HIV&AIDS.

Support the accessibility of skills training (TVET) for PWDs and the transition to (self) employment in all provinces of Rwanda, to improve the economic empowerment of PWDs and their families. This will also be the subject of action-research and sharing lessons with different stakeholders.


Broad awareness in Rwandan society on the rights and dignity of PWDs, and an increased acceptance of PWDs in society, in particular those affected and/or infected by HIV&AIDS

Empowering of PWD to advocate for their rights, and improve their access to health and social service

Mainstreaming access of YWDs to (limited number of) TVET institutions ; training of 200 YWDs in appropriate skills for employabilityA

Reduction of new HIV infections (by sexual transmission) among PWDs

More PWDs inclusive Health and HIV&AIDS policies

More accessible health care services (in a limited number of 1 per province and Kigali City