Uwezo Youth Empowerment is a non profit youth organisation driven by building the capacities of children and youth with impairments and other disantages in a Rwandan Community. The organisation envisons a society where children and youth with (...)
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AGHR (Association Générale des Handicapés du Rwanda) est une organisation de personnes handicapées indépendante[1] et sans but lucratif, de défense, de protection et de promotion des droits et du bien être social et économique des personnes handicapées (...)
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The Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD) is a national non-governmental organization established in 1989 by Deaf people and is dedicated to advocate for equal opportunities for Deaf Rwandans and for their human rights as provided by (...)
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The Rwanda Union of the Blind was established in 1994 and officially registered with the Rwanda Ministry of Justice in 1995. It is the only national organization of the Blind in Rwanda having membership in all provinces and the city of Kigali (...)
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Troup of Handicap Persons Twuzuzanye (THT) was formed by a group of persons with disabilities in September 2007 in order to advocate and communicate for changed behavior towards disability through sport and socio-cultural activities. THT is (...)
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NOUSPR-UBUMUNTU is an organization that advocates for and with people with psychosocial disabilities, it serves as platform for them to raise their voice to demand for services and rights that other citizens get. People with psychosocial (...)
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The National Paralympic Committee of Rwanda is a non-profit making sports organization under the law N°05/1987 from February 18th 1987 having sports and recreation as its mandate. It is based at the Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali. The (...)
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Collectif TUBAKUNDE asbl was established in 2005 with support from Handicap International (hereafter HI), who supported establishment of parents groups in its geographical project areas and gave support to two project officers dealing with (...)
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Office : KG 05 St
Kacyiru Sector
Gasabo District
Kigali City
Tel: (+250) 788 344 553

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