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The Umbrella of persons with disabilities in the fight against HIV & AIDS (UPHLS) Structure is anchored around three main organs : a) the Annual General Meeting ; b) the Board ; and c) the Secretariat as presented in the illustration below :

The Annual General Assembly (AGA) : This is the supreme governance organ for the organization and comprises all people with disabilities. It meets annually to play a strategic oversight role, approve organizational policies, deliberate on issues of strategic importance and holds the Board and Management accountable for agreed decisions.

The Board : The Board is the second governance organ of the organization. It is composed of 6 members who are directly elected. The Board supervises the Executive Secretariat and ensures that decisions and policy proposals made at the AGA are reasonably implemented. The Board normally meets twice a year, unless an extraordinary meeting is convened. The board consists of seven members : Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, justice, Economics, Social Affairs and good governance.
The board members are elected by the General Assembly and serve a term of 5 years. Board members can serve a maximum of two terms.

The UPHLS Secretariat : This is headed by the Executive Director. The Secretariat is charged with the delivery of day to day activities of the organization. See link for details of the organization Team.

The UPHLS Executive Secretariat reports to the board.